Graduate training in psychology gives the trainee the basics, in terms of knowledge and skills, in order to become a licensed and to practice in the community. The next phase in professional development is accumulated experience providing patient care. After a period of time counseling, professionals normally develop competencies and skills through experience.

A small minority of psychologists go on to become board certified. Board certification is a way to designate those professionals who have gone beyond their basic training and can demonstrate that they are functioning at a high level professionally. I became board certified in 1996.

ABPP after a psychologist’s name indicates the provider is Board Certified. Board certification is difficult to achieve, and involves passing a rigorous examination with a high failure rate. Only 2-3% of psychologists are board certified in their specialty. If you decide to get help from a Counseling Psychologist who is Board Certified, you can be assured that the professional is competent to deliver high quality services to you.

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