ConflictThere are three common reasons why couples come for counseling:

  • a serious crisis has derailed their marriage (an extra-marital affair, unexpected family problem, post-deployment adjustment)
  • accumulated grievances from years of disappointments
  • a close connection has been lost

You can expect a balanced, objective evaluation of your relationship problem. As you probably realize, who we are as persons does not change. Couples who function well, accept each other the way they are. We can change behaviors, and so therapeutic goals are established in behavioral terms. The counseling approach focuses on improving your capacity to express yourself clearly, and to listen to your partner without defensiveness. Couples counseling tends to be brief. I try to find a time to meet that is convenient for the couple, and set aside time in the early evening exclusively for couples.

On the drop-down menu, find special information for service members who have relationship issues. Combat related stress not only impacts the service member, it can also impact marriage and family life.