On The Way to GettysburgAfter retiring from work at Walter Reed,  I am dedicating myself to working with couples who have been impacted by deployments to combat zones. If you are the spouse of a wounded warrior, you probably have been impacted as well. Simple things like having fun together can seem impossible. Specialized treatments have been developed to help couples re-connect with each other.  Call for an appointment to get an evaluation of your marital problems.

For Sevice Members.

1) Your psychological symptoms are valid and real

The military now realizes that PTSD can impact Service Members just as much as physical injury. I supported a fund raiser “Face of America” bike ride from DC to Gettysburg…about 50 of our wounded warriors rode with us, including about 20 hand-crankers. I had the opportunity to talk with a young man (USMC) who was a hand-cranker…some needed a boost on a push pole, and some did not. They all finished.

2) Post deployment can make you feel “stuck”…read about Capt. Shackleton

Have you ever learned about Capt. Shackleton and his crew? They all came back alive after being stuck in the polar ice cap…for 21 months. Read more about the NPR report on the adversity they encountered; it is quite a story. One of his leadership techniques was keeping his crew focused on their routines instead of waiting and wondering when they would be rescued. For example, each Sunday, he required the crew to shave and dress in good clothes. He fostered a unified team by ignoring status differences (scientists scrubbed the floors along side men who were fishermen). Read this quote as it exemplifies his military bearing.

“Shackleton’s calm and confidence in the more dire circumstances were heartening to his crew. Commenting on Shackleton’s reaction to their inability to free the Endurance from the ice, Alexander Macklin, the ship’s doctor, said, “It was at this moment Shackleton…showed one of his sparks of real greatness. He did not…show…the slightest sign of disappointment. He told us simply and calmly that we would have to spend the winter in the pack.”

By the way, the name of Shackleton’s ship…Endurance!

3) Check out this website for Veterans…Click here for ideas on what you can do to become the spouse you want to be.