Services for CouplesA husband and wife of 50 + years enjoy each other in the glow of a setting sun.

  1. Couples who want coaching to improve their marriage
  2. Couples who have serious problems caused by deployment
  3. Recovery after an extra-marital affair has been discovered
  4. Couples who have attachment issues

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Individuals

  1. Increasing self confidence and improving self image
  2. Cognitive Therapy for major depression (sometimes called clinical depression)
  3. Anxiety management training for generalized anxiety disorder caused by excessive worry
  4. Assertiveness Training
  5. Counseling for senior citizens who have caregiver stress (Medicare accepted)
  6. Addictive behavior evaluation and treatment (alcohol abuse, sexual addiction)

Psychological Testing and Evaluations

  1. Reports for international adoptions
  2. Fitness for Duty evaluations to ensure ADA compliance
  3. Therapeutic Assessments (psychological testing to clarify diagnosis or treatment options)

Not Accepting Persons Seeking Help with the Following

  1. Individual therapy for children or teens
  2. Treatment of domestic violence
  3. Custody Evaluations
  4. Personality disorder treatment for persons who cut or injure themselves

Note: I routinely use the Maryland Psychological Association’s “Find a Psychologist Service” for persons who need help finding a provider. Use the link below.