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 Helpful Reading Material

  • Acceptance…
  • Optimism….Learned Optimism (Seligman, 1998)
  • Parenting…Your Child’s Self Esteem (Briggs, 1975)
  • Normal child development…The First Five Years of Life (Gesell)
  • Values clarification…Meeting Yourself Halfway (Simon, 1974)
  • Alternatives to medication for depression…The Myth of Depression as Disease (Leventhal, 2006)
  • Battling depression…Feeling Good (Burns)
  • For inspiration to learn coping skills A diagnosis does not determine your outcome in life
  • For men who have lost a son or daughter…Tuesday Mornings with the Dads
  • Seeking meaning and purpose in life…read this sermon by Rabbi Berger…Download 5 Minutes to Live